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Human Resources

No HR Department?

No Problem … At Lloyd Dowson we can take care of it for you.

Employees have more rights than ever before and here at Lloyd Dowson we can provide the correct support to ensure your business is complying with current legislation.

The benefits of using Lloyd Dowson HR services based in Bridlington and Scarborough include: Removing the stress, worry and pressure of work issues saving you time allowing you to channel your energy into the more important issues of your business. We provide easy to understand guidance giving you peace of mind and ensuring legal compliance.

Contracts of Employment

All employees are entitled to a legally binding contract setting out their rights and duties, so written contracts are essential to protect your business in the event of a dispute.

From simple standard contracts to more complex bespoke contracts, we provide the contract to meet each job specific role.

Do your employees know what is expected of them? The correct job description will provide clear and precise details of the duties and responsibilities for each role within your organisation, so everyone is clear about the expectations of the role they are in.

Employee Handbook & Policy Writing

An employee handbook sets out your policies, procedures and expectations and is an essential tool in avoiding conflict down the line.

Are you clear about what your policies are? Your employees won’t be unless you spell them out, so we can provide clear policy documents covering key areas that are important to you and remove grey areas where confusion can arise.

Think you’ve already got the relevant documentation in place? We can assess your current documentation to redraft and fine tune where appropriate.


Whenever there are issues with behaviour at work or you need to manage a grievance, we can advise you on the appropriate course of action available to ensure a satisfactory outcome for all concerned.

Not sure of how to deal with an employee’s conduct or a problematic situation? Whether it’s advising you that a quiet word may be all that is required to resolve an issue, or if the situation requires a disciplinary meeting, we can support you throughout.

We can help you manage employee performance, giving guidance and onsite support at meetings if you need it.

Absence management

There are many reasons why people stay off work, from injury to illness to bullying and harassment. Whatever the reason for the absence, over a period of time it can become an increasing problem for you managing your organisation.

We can guide you through dealing with sickness absence, ensuring you have a clear absence policy and help you to address short and long-term absence in your organisation.

When your employee is ready to return to work, we can help you make their return as smooth and stress-free as possible by guiding you through the process, from conducting a return to work interview, making necessary workplace adjustments and ensuring that you are following policy standards or legislation.


Induction is a vital part of taking on a new employee and many employers understand the value of settling a new employee into their role with a well-organised induction programme.

We can help you put together a clear and precise programme so any new starter feels engaged in the business from day one.

A good recruitment policy will integrate new staff in to your organisation, but do you have efficient personnel management procedures in place?

We can assist with your operational issues from dealing with payroll through to employment laws.

On some occasions, not everything will work out as planned, so we can show you how the probationary period also allows an employer to terminate an employee who is not doing well at their job or is otherwise deemed not suitable for a particular position or any position.

Health Check

Ensure your HR practices adequately support the needs of your business with our HR Health Check.

Our HR services in Bridlington and Scarborough can review your current policies to ensure they are up to date and then offer practical solutions where appropriate to implement robust and compliant HR policies and procedures going forward.

Please visit our updated HR website for further information in these areas.

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